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The County of Los Angeles covers over 4,000 square miles and is home to more than 10 million residents.  The County serves as the regional safety net for many children, adults, families and communities.  LACAAEA members, working in various County Departments, are at the forefront of supporting these efforts. The County organization is complex and the Board of Supervisors that governs it is dynamic and forward thinking.  Please visit the County newsroom to learn about helpful and exciting work underway.  Also, learn how to access resources, watch a Board of Supervisors hearing, receive updates from Departments on initiatives that may be of interests to you.

Important Documents

In 2015, the County Board of Supervisors established four Board Priorities, now referred to as Board Directed Priorities (Priorities): The Sheriff’s Department/Justice Reform, Child Protection, Health Integration, and the Homeless Initiative.  Since then, the Board has added two additional priorities:  Environmental Oversight and Monitoring and Immigration.  A Board Directed Priority is the Board’s collective response to complex challenges that have adverse impacts on the health, safety, and well-being of County residents and/or its institutions. The Priorities reflect the Board’s deep understanding that before individuals can thrive, they must have their basic needs met, such as housing, safety and health.  Through a streamlined delivery of comprehensive, coordinated and transformative systems of care, the Priorities attempt to support individuals as they move from crisis to stability, and ultimately towards thriving.  In 2016, the Board adopted a new Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan contains 3 goals, 10 strategies and 53 objectives.  Many of the objectives contained in the Strategic Plan support the Board Directed Priorities.  To learn more about what the County is doing to improve the lives of residents and the resilience of our communities please click on the links below.