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Who Can Join?

Individuals can join as:


You can join the LACAAEA by completing the Membership Application Form and County Payroll Deduction Card and returning the completed form to the LACAAEA.


The cost of membership is:


Professional Development Opportunities

Many County departments invest in the development of their own staff. No matter where we find ourselves within a County department or at what level, we can all benefit from continuous learning and training. Take charge of your professional and career development by joining the LACAAEA. The professional development offerings we provide can enhance your skill set and in the long run- benefit the children, adults, families and communities we serve daily.

Ability to meet Department Heads and other Executive Level County Leaders

Having sufficient opportunities to meet the department head, members of the executive team, or other senior managers is important. Managers who operate at a senior level can directly articulate their vision or explain how a particular initiative, that may impact you and your work, fits into a larger Countywide plan. The opportunities we provide to meet our County leaders are intended to inform as well as inspire our members.

Scholarship Opportunities

The LACAAEA understands the power of education to change the trajectory of an individual’s life.  That is why each year the LACAAEA offers a scholarship to one or more youth pursuing higher education. LACAAEA also provides scholarship opportunities to children of one or more current LACAAEA members.  Please visit our site often for the scholarship application announcement.

Each-One-Teach-One Mentoring and Networking

The LACAAEA understands how important it is to have both guides and guidance to support career development.  The LACAAEA offers networking events for LACAAEA members to learn about the steps others have taken to advance their careers, deepen the meaning they find in their work, and strengthen their current skill set.

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