Los Angeles County
African American Employees

Grants & Scholarship Program

The Members’ Grants and Scholarship Program supports the Association’s vision of providing training and professional development opportunities to our members that will enhance their County career experience and personal development goals. Awards are presented to recipients at the General Members Meeting in September. The program awards—up to $3,000 annually—in grants and scholarships to members in good standing. All awards are paid directly to organization administering/sponsoring the request*.

  • Academic Scholarship (Adults and Youth)—scholarships are awarded to members or their children who are attending or planning to attend accredited College or University in pursuit of Associate, Bachelor or Master Degree.
  • National Seminars Group Star12 Annual Pass—access to year-round skill building training, professional development seminars, workshops, conferences, and online web-based learning opportunities.
  •  Passion of Interest Grant Pass—vocational, personal interest, hobbies, etc., that may be beneficial to the Association.


Application Submission: Submit completed application online at www.LACAAEA.org, and all required documentation between the filing period: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Friday, July 24, 2020). ONLY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED ONLINE WILL BE ACCEPTED. Selection Process: The Selection Committee will review all applications submitted by members or eligible children of members in good standing who have successfully completed the application process and may also be interviewed. The final award recipient will be notified before the General Membership Educational Conference in September. Award Distribution: Awards may be submitted directly to school, organization or agency administering the program course or training. Awards are granted one-time only and are not recurring. Proof of registration is required to receive awards.

We are no longer accepting applications.

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LACAAEA member must be in good standing. Member must have maintained uninterrupted membership for three (3) years. Previous awardees are eligible to reapply for future grants and scholarships after three years in which membership status was uninterrupted. Maximum lifetime award opportunities are 3 awards of any type or combination offered by LACAAEA. Proof of registration is required to receive awards.